Monitor 24-7 releases IncidentMonitor™ 9.6.12. Customer Service a la carte!

With the release of IncidentMonitor™ 9.6.12 we extended our a la carte service management solution. We extended the service catalog designer with an advanced portal designer. It is now possible to present your multiple user groups their own unique portal with services specifically designed for them!

The portal designer uses a graphical interface which allows you to add your own images, text and colours. Simply add the features you like your users to have access to. Add the uniquely designed forms to the portal and off you go.

service catalog designer software

Further enhancements we introduced

Service Catalog Designer

A new type of attribute has been added – the Grid type attribute. The grid attribute allows you to insert a fully functioning grid control, similar to the list view control used in the web, into your forms all without any coding effort. You can define the number of columns that appear in the grid, column data type, make columns mandatory, and also supply a default value. Two modes are supported. You can either preconfigure the number of rows to be displayed in the grid, or allow dynamic addition of rows to the grid. Numeric grid columns can be automatically totaled. There is also an attribute to display a grand total for all numeric columns in the grid.

service catalog designer software

Quick Request Template creation

You can now create a quick request template right from the Request Details window by clicking the Request Plus icon in the upper right corner of the window. It allows you to create transient templates for short term use or longer term templates. When creating the Quick Request template it will use all the properties needed from the request that you are on.

Mass email enhancement

You can use IncidentMonitor for marketing or mass notifications using the Outbound Messaging. We enhanced this feature to handle any Non-Delivery Reports (NDR) (E-mail getting bounced back as undeliverable) to automatically mark the contact as unsubscribed to marketing, then this feature is for you.

We have added an unsubscribe feature that allows you to embed an Unsubscribe link in an Outbound Messaging item that comes out of the system. This allows the recipient to unsubscribe to messages and all future notifications of this type would not be sent to them.

BUT, there is only one way to get the best impression. Request a demo!

New ITIL Workflow Designer
IncidentMonitor ITIL ITSM Service Desk Software offers an ITIL workflow designer which helps you to create the most advanced ITIL process flows within a few clicks. Have a quick look at this video.